Novafluidic consultants have deep technical knowledge and operational experience in the heart of Europe. we work on developing long-term solutions that address high tech industries changing needs.

Life science industry

We advise the entire spectrum of life science companies including biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device to successfully empower technology services. Life Sciences organizations must deal with and a very dynamic technology and complex regulatory environment, being innovative and adoptive to the disruptive changes in the market is vital for success.

As a MedTech/ Biotech company you can focus on Research & Development and Novafluidic provides strategic sourcing services with specific emphasis on Value Based Procurement.

Chemical and pharmaceutical

Chemical material sourcing is complex and in recent years became highly global. Which accompanied by challenges and require high level of expertise. Challenges including volatile raw material prices, import duties and exchange rate fluctuations, introduction of Co2 emission taxes and post pandemic instabilities.

For managing these challenges strategically, sourcing requires strong analytical, and technical skills combined with the understanding of leading concepts and methodologies as decision frameworks. By continuous monitoring of the market we provide a roadmap for significant savings and best of breed technology investments for your organization.