Switzerland market access:

Switzerland is known for its strong economy, home to a number of high performing pharmaceutical and chemical companies.It is the top-ranking country on the 2021 Global Innovation Index.Due to Switzerland’s financial stability and a strong tradition of fiscal discipline and transparency make it an attractive option for foreign companies and individuals alike.

Facilitated local business:

Running business in Switzerland requires that companies understand the country’s laws, rules, and regulations.We use our local expertise and in-depth understanding of our focus regions to provide market access and mitigate potential business risks.

EU market access:

We will use our extensive commercial network and
infrastructure to drive the launch of our partners’
products in Europe at a fast pace.

Effective partnership:

We have an experienced team of business analyst,engineer, marketing and operations professionals, with a proven track-record of rapidly establishing successful licensing partnerships to our mutual benefit.We believe in transparent, effective business culture based on mutual respect and benefit.